David Noble is a Chartered Teacher and EdD student, based in Fife, Scotland. These fortnightly podcasts include interviews with learning professionals, where they talk about dealing with the social web

Dr Brian Guthrie is a Researcher Academic Therapist on the Social Work and Disability Program at Royal Mount College in Calgary, Alberta.  He utilises Blackboard and wifi-enabled laptops to support classes and courses, and makes use of several online tools and spaces to develop his professionalism and practice.

During this edonis project interview, Brian talks about his:

  • Background in education
  • experiences of ICT-related training and professional development
  • thoughts on web access for learners and learning professionals in his establishment
  • notion of 'learning network'
  • uses of the social web
  • anticipated changes in use of ICT over the next 3 years.
  • Links from the interview are here.

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